Sunday, November 9

New York City

Been to New York more times than I can count.  Born  in Teaneck New Jersey moved to Georgia about 5 years old.  Family (mom and dad) are from Long Island and we would vistit a friend of moms up there for summer vacation. Was sorta weird, mom, Carole, had a best friend in school named Carole.  Then they both marry men with same last name, though not related. This was Aunt Carole and Uncle Lexy's. 
Being from there my parents didn't relly get in to the "different place" spirit I suppose.  One year we went there, think it was 78 we picked a day, Mom did this for us kids, and we went into New York City. Took the subway uptown, was in Manhatten for a day.  Went to Wall Street and into the observation deck, pretty cool as we where there right about 4:00 and I witnessed the closeing moments on the trading floor, wow talk about something to watch.  Spent a few moments in the Museum and visited the WTC.  On the way to the WTC I almost got hit by a taxicab.  I was pretty wild down (or up) there.  When at the WTC we went inside.  Very impressive work of architecture.  This particular day it was not to awfully windy and we were allowed to go to the roof outside observation deck. Wow you wanna talk about a tall building.  We were up there probably an hour at least.  I'm tellin ya we were in the clouds, figurative and literal.  That really was a memorable day that I will keep in my mind till my dieing day.

  Long Island was a nice place in itself.  Beaches everwhere we went to the beach at Jones Beach.  We (the 3 kids) decided to take a walk up the beach. Was interesting as a 13 year old. We end up walking up to the nudest beach.  Was sorta bizzare but what the heck, I enjoyed it as young as I was.    

  Was a nice neiborhood,  sorta like a suburb place just like any.  Was hanging round with Carole's son Steve; he was kinda goofy. If I can for a minute; one time Steve was down in Georgia visiting and we went out for icecream. We all got cones, and wouldn't ya know it Steve crunches off the bottom of his cone first three bites of the exersise, needless to day he had to stand outside the car.
I was hangin with Steve and his friend Alex running the streets of Long Island late evenings. 
Alex hooks up with Steve and I and well what do you know, he says, "you guys wanna smoke a joint?"  Well my folks are back at Carole and Lexy's getting a buz on some wine, so I say sure, lets do it.  I am not sure why my brother or sister never smoked it before but wow, that was a strange cigarette.   I had swiped cigs from a friend of my mom's back home before but this was different.  Had a sorta ropey smell and tast to it.  Didn't really get into the habit of smoking pot for I guess another year.  

You know what, I have been to NY that many times and the closest I have ever been to the Statue of Liberty is out the car window on the George Washington Bridge, its about the size of you hand from that distance.

On the way in NY with all the tunnels and highways and all, I did once see a "manhatten pit stop" From in the car as we drove by, these guys had this car up on jacks taking everything of any value off the car. 

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