Sunday, November 9

just thinking

Well one thing I can say for today, the Bengals won't lose this week. No game, lets me relax a little better.  Not that life is a football game but I gets a bit frustrating waiting and wondering which Bengals team we are putting on the field.  There is the team that has confidence and is on the field for one reason and one reason only... to win a football game.  Then there's the team that just goes out and just goes through the actions of playing a football game and really doesn't seeem to care if they lose.  In fact in the one game that we did win, I think we had both teams with us.  2nd half of that came was near disaster.  At half time if you are winning 14-3 you should be able to finish that game with more than a 2 point difference in scores.  Looks like the Bungles are in the game again in the 2nd half.   Wlhen are these guys gonna tell Mike Brown he doesn't do well at manageing this team and its about time to hire in a General Manager that knows football how to disipline his players and get a competetive team on the field.  We have that talent, even our second string Quarterback is rather impressive.  And you can't tell me that octo- sinco or Chad guy forgot how to run a rout and catch the ball.  If I was anyone I would demand this team improve!  My tax dollars are paying for that pink elephant of a stadium!  I demand some thing better, I am sick of watching the Bungles lose lose lose.  What a failure Mike Brown has really turned into.  Wait, let me rephrase that,  he has never been anything but a failure.  

Therefore you will notice my new banner for the Bungles, rather than a dangerous looking angry orange bengal tiger we are now the very tame looking tiger kitten, white as in I surrender!

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