Saturday, November 15

one of my favorites is Steely Dan.  But I do pose this question: How do you put a pure jazz band in the Rock catagory? Yea its sorta rock but does come across to me as jazz. To a non fan would appear to be a one hit wonder or so, but really this band turns everything they do into hits.  Excellence in keyboard, guitar is low key but it all blends so well.  The lyrics are awsome. Rikki Don't Lose That Number, Black Friday, Aja, so many great tunes.  Night by Night is a great one you probably don't know but take my word its a great tune.

brass n sax is the the best description and great vocals...

What is Pretzel Logic?

Heard a Steely Dan tribute band once here in Blueash Ohio, man talk about an enjoyable night.  Was at the concert listening to hit upon hit, thinking most of the thousand or so people here don't even know this stuff but I knew all the tunes, lyrics and all, felt like the Danologist of the crowd. 
and then there was the day I saw the album at a discount price, Katy Lied, wow, what an album cost me like 3 bucks, talk about a deal.

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