Saturday, November 15


1:16am: I sit here at my toy (computer) and blog blog blog... have had a few too many Mt Dew to get to sleep, doing shots of Jim Beam to counter the effect.  Thinking back about middle and high school I should have been an achitech, really enjoyed technical drawing best of all the industrial arts classes I took.  Wood shop,(made a cutting board for my mom) plastic shop, (made a cigarett lighter for my guitar teacher), metal shop (turned metal discs into bowls) even took a small appliance shop class (made a stobe light) every shop class the school offered was on my schedule.  Not much to speak of as projects went in Tech drawing, just draw in blue print format different machine parts and what not. Was such a learning process though, when to use the #1 pencil, the #2 and #3, compass, t-square and erasers, didn't have to use those much at all.  I did well, amazing as I was failing most my other classes.  I am smart, failing was just a lack of participation and homework.... yuk! Final exam saved the day in most cases, eeking out a c or a D in most classes. But pulled an A in industrial arts every time.  I think I should have skipped college and gone on to tech school.

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