Sunday, November 9


 I am just listening to some tunes and passing the time with some writing. 
The smaller image is the original album art on Relics.  An older Pink Floyd release.  From the other Pink Floyd I have listened to this one does have a bit of a different sound to it.   Some the songs are on another album, Piper at the Gates of Dawn, which was named for a character in a childhood story Sid Barret had known when he was a young child. 

Inerstellar Overdrive is also on the Umma Gumma album, you got me on where that name came from.  This album was done with David Gilmour guitar and backing vocal after Sid had left the band. Experimental music really, Pink Floyd was good for that.  Since music is so close the emotion part of your brain, this is really incredible music. 


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