Thursday, November 27


Thanksgiving again. So much to think of, to be thankful of.
a) I am not a turkey
b) Most of my family is still round
c) I am gainfully employed, have a home, with a wonderful girlfriend and I am happy

Now there have been a few years not so long ago I sat down for a Thanksgiving dinner all alone, with no great feast before me. Thankfully this year I have been invited to my sisters house where a full turkey dinner will be prepared, my father will be there and I think (can't be sure) my bother will make an appearance. It is rather strange the relationship between me and Jeff. We would always be arguing fighting and generally being brothers when we lived at home. I thought things would get better when we went our separate ways but I rarely talk with Jeff. So I imagine in a way things are better between us. No more arguments and when I do see him, its all fun and games. He has my respect and love. I am a bit of the "black sheep" of the herd, knowing this does make it easier to understand.

When I was in my late teens to 20's my dad and I did not get along at all, (after mom had left things got real bad). The last real fight me and Dad got in was ended with him saying (in quite a blunt and 1 option only tone) "Well maybe you shouldn't like here then!" So needless to say I was thrown from the nest. After several years I guess I grew up some or he calmed down some or maybe a little of both; we do talk time to time. And I do respect him, right, wrong, or indifferent, he is my dad and with out him I would not even exist. Thanks dad!
Really, I'm not being sarcastic.

Cindy, my sister; left home to move to Florida about that time, I did not get a chance to see her much for quite a few years. She did change a little as everyone does, but when she moved back to Cincinnati was still the same. A self motivated, strong woman. She can be a bit stubborn but I think that runs in the family, as I can be also.

So anyhow, just think about your blessings today, if you are able to read this, your life must be pretty good and there really isn't any thing worth complaining about. As was told me once: Don't sweat the small stuff; and its all small stuff.


TheBovineBlogger said...

Hey Greg. Read your blog today. Nice seeing you again yesterday. I cannot imagine what "ms pirate" thought of me but as you well know - I don't really care (yet?). If anything we were all giving the gift of insight. We all find our own way to creatively share. Cindy has Photography now which helps her. You have music & blogging. I don't share because I am smarter than both of you & realized none of us are really that interesting to others (lmao). Keep up blogging & I'll keep reading. Still love you. "The Smart One" Jeff. BTW I saw how you included in the blog where I rode my bike with skates (you) fully knowing that is the ONLY DUMB thing I have ever done in my life. SABOTEUR!!!

Anonymous said...

Read your blog – very nice. It was nice seeing you again yesterday. I cannot imagine what “ms pirate” thought of me but as you are well aware by now – I don’t really care (yet?). Reading your blog reminded me that we all were giving the gift of “insight”. We creatively share them differently. Cindy has her photography. You have your music & blog. I happen to be smarter than both of you & realize that none of us are that interesting to others so I don’t share (lmao). I like how you shared my riding the bike with skates on (you) fully knowing that is the ONLY DUMB thing I have ever done (sneaky). You are not the only Steely Dan fan of the family. Being the “Rabid Bovine” online – I am partial to “Black Cow”. Dire Straits is another “blues” band in the rock genre. Okay – Keep on writing & I will keep on reading.
Love you very much.
“The Smart One”
Jeff (Rabid Bovine / CowVulture / Cowtography)

Neo said...

hey bovine, you are the smart one, still married to the gal you love
Theresa was worried a bit bout the same, she mentioned this morning "wonder what they thought of me" she was quite most the night, but she's cool.
I'll catch up with ya later