Friday, November 28

no usb baffled

doing pretty good this morning. Still trying to get the usb ports working on MsPirates computer. Have tried all I know to do to get them working. device manager> universal serial bus>update drivers, tried uninstall reinstall, even repaired the windows program. Reinstall Windows, not a format, just a repair. Still no usb connection, has me baffled to say the least. Now this has been some experience. Not only did the repair not fix what I was hoping it was going to, the usb ports, left the computer missing a driver to the either net meaning we had a computer, but no internet. Well it worked on it a bit this morning and did find the driver that windows could not find, installed and have the internet again. I am so glad I took Pirates 101. So through all this my girl friend has a computer, internet and 6 usb ports that are as dead as road kill.

This is a dell computer, the Optiplex model bought second hand from the Microcenter Mall. The usb has 2 units each connected on the motherboard. One for the front 2 usb ports, the other for the rear 4 ports, so my desicion is it can't be the hardware as they all went down at the same time. I really hate the onboard devices, so much nicer to have pci slots for cards. I will continue to try and get the darn thing fixed if you have a bit of computer knowledge, knowhow or a magic potion I would really like to hear wtf is wrong with the usb ports on this Dell Optiplex computer.

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