Sunday, November 16

yuk winter is here

just as I thought; last night was great, first time in a few months I slept on a "real bed".  A good nights sleep will do wonders for a person. 
     Looking rather bleak outside though I have not been out today.  This winter thing is a drag to say the least.  The cold, cloudy sky with bitter wind makes for a good time to spend inside.

Left Georgia years ago, seems like another life now, winter was not so bad; almost an extended fall.  There was ice, don't think in the 8 years I was there I ever saw it snow.  School was canceled over a hard frost a few times, these were our 'snow days'.... 

Hated leaving Georgia, but what could I do? I was young, 13 and went with the family. Dad got the promotion and had to move to Corporate Headquarters in Cincinnati Ohio.  As we had moved in the winter came to Cincinnati and wow... so this is snow?  I was thrilled with the first few snowfalls, stay home from school get together with friends, snowball fights, building igloos and haveing some fun.  A few years later, I really had had enough, winter... cold.  Saw it go down to sub freezing and a few years even sub zero temperatures.  Blizzard of 77 and the Ohio River froze.  Bank to bank a solid sheet of ice.  
   Been back to Georgia a few times since.  Stopped at Stone Mountain State park on the way back from Florida one year.  You could see the mountain from up the street where I lived back in the 70's.  Its just one of those things that you don't know what you have until its gone.  

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