Sunday, November 16

game day

Are the beloved Bungles going to pull it off this week?  Following by week and against a team defeated last week attitude can't be the excuse, reason and or cause.  Now the game is going somewhat well, defense looking impressive?  Or is the opposing offfense showing to be unimpressive?  
Only tv in the place here is in the kids room, I am darting in and out to check on the game

Cincinnati while doing ok defensively is not on the game plan with the offense.  3 and out is all they can seem to get together on.

Cinci recovers a fumble down to the 1 yard line, quarter is over, no score, 

Hushmanzata made a couple of good catches, gets them near midfield but end up having to punt again.  This is pitiful... When is Mike Brown going to hire a professional to run this team 

 Recover a fumble, 1/2 a yard from the goal line and have to settle for 3 ... like I said, 
The Bungles

11:12 left in the 1st half Eagles tie the score with a 42 yard field goal.

Is there anyway I can do a shotgun with a beer bottle, I need some releife.  Maybe if I pray hard enough we can win this one by a point or 2

Poor Mike Brown, can't win a game to save his own freaking life!

Antonio Chatman, loses the football, near Eagles 40 yard line, and stays down, had to be wheeled out on a girney,  looked like he had been knocked out to me.

Eagles on thier way down the field, 2 minute warning of the 1st half.

I'm gonna go smoke a joint, I can't watch this anymore

Bungles get the ball back, :38 left on game clock in first half.  Fitzpatrick to Hushy 26 yard td catch.   10-3 

Eagles hurry to get ball back to the Bungles 40 yard line, next pass is intercepted by the Bungles, leading 10-3 at the half time break.

ok so the Bungles have managed to be the winner at half time question now is will they come out on the field for the second half with the same team that was there for the first half.

Second half started, last score I saw was 13-10,  missed the opening of the half and now I have been kicked off the tv...  will keep you posted as I can.

Eagles get a field goal, tie up in the 4th quarter, game went ot with no more score, 1st tie game since 2002, well at least the Bungles didn't lose coff coff

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