Thursday, December 25

away from home

Away from home, early am and I am working on MsPirate's sister's computer to see why it is taking so long to boot up. Until I showed up last night they did not have an antivirus program installed. Being windows this is not a good thing. I am running the Trend Micro House Call to see if there is something amiss here.

The drive up here was rough, thought I knew my way but duh... took a bit longer to get here. We are here, I really like MsPirate's sis. She is a pretty cool chick. Well I am just sitting here passing the time waiting for everyone to wake up, and doing my amature techy thing. I have gone though some of the basic checks, ms config, remove uneeded software. With a 2.4 gh processor this computer should run a bit faster than it does.

Did anyone notice a bright triangle shaped light in the northern sky last night? This is about the second time I have seen this light, I think it is the ISS orbiting. Let me know if you hear any different.

I'm gonna go to the door and smoke a cig...

ok back, the anti-virus I installed last night did find a "potentially unwanted" program in the temp folder, got that one in the vault. Be careful when you dl a zipped or archived folders, they are easy to hide dangerous files in. Don't be downloading a zipped '.exe' unless you know who you are downloading it from and what the .exe is going to execute (just some advise)

mostly through the Trend Micro House Call (online virus and malware scan) has found a few infections on the computer here. I need to let the scan complete so I can use the program to remove the intruders

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