Sunday, December 14

Beat me burn me and take me offf line

well hog tie me and take me off the web. Networking problems on Ubuntu, harumph...

Do you think I should keep wasting my time on this new Operating System?
I enjoy the software challenge, but I keep running into problems
can't be installed as a stand alone
can't burn cd's
now can't even get networked or on the web
Problems seem to get bigger as I go
I have been an avid Windows XP fan for over 5 years now, and with only 5 years behind me and no formal training in computers I think I picked apart this computer thing pretty well. more ram, change the net card, install more usb ports, lots I have done with this computer and still trying to learn all I can about this stuff (nice word - means all the crap included with or about)

Don't get me wrong now, I am not a Windows hater, Microsoft basher or Bill Gates sucks eggs person, except I think he has too much money. So with Windows in my system I must be either a real geek or a glutten for software woes to keep doing this.

Unfortuately I am contacting you now via Windows XP... the other one I screwed up I think. Some where between "system needs restarted" and the final reboot I lost the network.
And you know what? I sorta bothers me, its gotta be something in software or config of the network on the other op sys, I will keep you informed as time goes, but for now looks like windows is it.

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