Wednesday, December 31

early on the last

I sit here, needing to shave, can't talk about it... So here we are at the end of another year. I am happy for the most part. Dad (the hermit) is doing fine, seems to be happy; at least in his way. Bovine is still my bro, hi beth. 16.5 hours of 08 left... made some new friends this year, blogging; rekindled a friendship of old... lost an old friend too. Still not too much gray, and even so will come the day I will be gray my way.
Learned lots mostly useless info but still is a wonder to read, comprehend and forget about lots of numbers, facts and figures. I am old, lucky for me, I will get older, learn more and forget most. I will be wiser having been there though I wish I hadn't gone. Nothing can change what I have done; in the end it all counts for experience. Been here almost 47, first three I don't know, next 7 somewhat of a blur and in the next 5 almost quit. From there it became difficult but still I am glad it didn't leave. Lost a few gained more; and I still think my family should be my best friends. To think, I am my best friend while still being my worst enemy. They don't always tell you "you did good" and some don't say "it would be better that way". 09 will be welcome, not sure what is in store but I will take it. Knowing I shouldn't think I will have another.
I will shut up now.

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