Saturday, December 6


Now here's one, I go to the cable company site on the computer, they are pushing this new Pay express at Time Warner Cable. I enter my username and password and the read out is My account from 3 years ago, I have been moving once a year for a few years now. I thought I had called them to update my account this last move, ah yea, I did thats how I get the bill here. Time Warner is what you call bill failure. I remember once staying at a friends, she had an apartment she wasn't using; When I got my own apartment and left there I transfered the cable account, at that time was internet and cable telephone, well the transfer went through, got the internet and phone but the bill kept going to the other address.... FAILURE. I ended up a week with out service the bill was up to $400 and didn't catch up to me till I called, FAILURE! So now this, I have moved twice since that incident, go to set up a payexpress account and they say I owe 0 and the addreess and account # were 3 years old, wtf?? Go to update using my computer and the new account won't take my username as it is already being used, by me. I call up Failure (time warner cable) of course the girl in customer service says "can you change the username?" Well if it was that simple I wouldn't be calling you; Failure. "No" I said "I want the same name and password I need the account info updated." Not wanting to seem to critical on Failure, I mean Time Warner Cable, but don't you think you would delete an old account when it is transferred? in a transfer of service dosen't that mean the billing address also changes, I think I need to be paid by Failure, I mean Time Warner Cable for doing some work in the billing dept.

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