Saturday, December 20

Great Nite Out

Well I had a pretty good night last night. My daughter wanted to go out to eat with my and.... well the and MsPirate never did happen, she was.... well lets leave that alone now. I did go out to a very nice area near downtown Cincinnati known as Mt Adams. We (Jas and I ) went to an up scale restaurant called Daveeds. Yea it was very nice we had a good old time talked about allot of things. The menu at Daveed's seemed small but I did read on some web sites that they change the menu daily and have featured items. Starting with some sea scallops as an appetiser; Jas said she had never had them and I remember as a youth I would go to Florida on summer vacation and when we would go out to eat that's what I would order. The scallops at Daveed's were very good; with a nice glass of Chardonnay. It was a very classy place but I didn't feel out of place with out a tie on. A little while after the scallops where gone the waiter came by with 2 crackers (real fancy ones) with some sort of goat cheese spread on them. Being a big fan of cheese I was willing and I tell ya it wasn't bad. Then came the small plate of bread, with 2 different spreads I tried both and was pleased. My main course was flounder, it was absolutely the best. I believe Jas had a dish with duck on it. She offered me a taste and it was very good also. All in all it was a very nice night; I did lose my cell phone at some point though. I am waiting on Jas to give me a call to see if it was dropped in her car, has me a bit worried though; if I can't find the thing I will need to go out and get another one.

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