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Earth as a frontier

Neo's journey

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I do remember even when I was a young lad on Enceledus studying the Earth in school; I had daydreams of being the first to land on that blue planet. There have been reports of civilizations on Earth and I have always had an interest in alien life. So needless to say I am quite thrilled to be chosen by Space Command to be the leader of this first mission to land on Earth.

MsPirate, a top notch navigator, will be piloting this mission. I have known her for several years and have never met a better pilot. I have seen a stubborn side to her but she knows how to get the job done.

Aries is the Science Officer, I have only been on 2 other missions with him. He thinks with his brain rather than his heart, I imagine this to be one his best assets, as a science officer.

The stop here on Titan will be a short one, just to pick up some extra materials and one of the additional crew members.

Ash is an excellent engineer; she will be with us soon, I have had several messages from Mission Control. Ash is the youngest of the crew, knows her craft well and is probably the best engineer Space Command has. She will be on the rover we will be needing, she will be bring her own tools and her personal belongings.

Next stop will be Europa to pick up Guitargirl. She too grew up on Enceladus but moved to the Jovian System, better schools there for her studies; she will be the ships sociologist. Guitargirl has been on several missions with me, we work very well together as a team. Seems Space Command did a fine job of choosing my crew. (I did drop several hints who I wanted to be here)

Neo's journey part 2

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The stop off at Europa took a little more time than expected. GG ran into a few problems with management but she knows her way around these problems. Having the crew assembled and the materials we need for the voyage we will orbit Jupiter 3 times, get the bearings needed to cross the asteroid belt and head off to Earth.

I have lead several missions to Earth, but never one with a landing in plan. The travel time is not so bad, estimated time will be about 7 time units. The updates Ash installed upon arrival at Titan helped. The Achilles II is much faster than Achilles I. Once we get beyond the asteroids it will be smooth sailing.

Neo's journey a close call

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Damage reports; minimal, that's why I wanted MsPirate and Ash on this mission. We had one small encounter but MsPirate pulled up and over and just a few little pebbles of debris hit the underside of Achilles II, Ash is busy working out the mess but all systems are go for the rest of the voyage. Soon we will be passing Mars.

I was rather impressed with the Earth civilizations study of the Red Planet. Rather surprising that the only landing there so far has been that robot. I really thought they could have managed a manned vessel on that landing. I imagine fear is what kept them from including beings on that landing.

Neo's journey the red planet

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Now as we approach the Red Planet we need to be a bit more careful, hiding behind Deimos to appear as a shadow to Earth; we will take a few orbits to save on our fuel supply. We don't want to raise too much suspicion, I really don't want to be the cause of panic on Earth. We have been successful on previous missions to get into orbit around Earth without being noticed. We will use Earths moon again as a buffer to make the Achilles II seem like a sensor glitch.

Space Command has not ruled out meeting up with the Earthlings but has told me to use my own discretion as to when and where. Panic is last thing I want to cause and the beings here on the blue dot do get a bit over excited about stuff in the sky. I remember about 100 time units ago, I was spotted by several Earth beings, but they passed me off as a weather balloon. Some say I was fortunate, but I was ready to meet them, Space Command suggested the time wasn't right and I had to go by their orders.

So here we sit behind Deimos, 2 more orbits and we will proceed to the destination, Earth. It does get boring at this part of the mission, the most exciting part is when we make the final venture; Earth beings are a bit slow to learn sometimes. They even set up a new organization for objects in space. They call it Near Earth Objects, NEO, it makes me chuckle as that is my name. Thus far they have always counted us off as renegade asteroids. I have a feeling that this time may be a little different. We are planning a landing and the sensors on the blue dot have come quite a ways since my last venture out here.

Neo's journey the wait

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So there it sits, looks so peaceful there. We sit behind the moon hiding from the Earth. A sort of cat and mouse game at this point, but no real harm intended. Like I said I don't want to startle anyone. Its funny how the Earth beings think themselves so important, but still can't accept that peaceful visitors are interested in them. We will orbit Earth from here for a while and get all the plans down to contact some of the Leaders. I am pleased that the election on the important land mass is done and the transfer of power is taking place. I'm not so sure it would have been a great idea to come here with that Bush guy still in office. I know for a fact his co leader, that Chaney guy would have had a heart attack if we showed up last time unit. Worked out well that the Achilles II still had a little work left to make the meeting voyage. It truly was funny when we caused that weather system on the last visit and Bush got blamed for it.

Ash tells me all the systems are in perfect operating order. Just have to sit and be patient for a short wait. We will have to have several briefings on the different time units. The gravity here is a bit more than we are used to. The thing I don't like about Earth is the temperature. Even the cold season on Earth seems so tropical to me.

Space Command just sent me a new order, plan is to wait here until the power exchange has been completed. The O'bama guy needs to be settled in before we make contact with him.

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