Sunday, December 7

Horror story #305

It was cold for a summer evening,
Horror story #305- it was only $500; was the biggest car I ever owned.Oh yea, had a chevy 305 under the hood, a split tail pipe, custom mufflers, a 4 barrel and headers, man that Olds Cutlass Supreme was one hot car. It was red, and put away that far fetched nonsense about the cops always looking for red cars. Never got a ticket in that vehicle. This car drank gas like you drink a beer shot gun style, instead of mpg it was gpm. The red velour interior was a bit much but it was a fun car to drive. This car probably gave me a bit of experience in the automative maintenence dept. Jumped time a few times, had a friend show me how to fix that. The tilt steering wheel broke a linkage one day coming out of the auto parts store parking lot (thanks again god, there were 2 driveways into the place) ; thought I was leaving and ended up right back where I started. Did finally get that problem solved; only one the junkyard had was a emerald green steering column, no tilt but I never did use the tilt wheel much. Red interior with a green steering column, made ya feel like Christmas all year long. This car really didn't meet its demise in the hands of Neo (me and cars don't mix) I did end up selling it so someone for about $400 I didn't want to be a mechanic any more.

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