Sunday, December 7

78 chevy camaro

Loved my old Camaro, it had a 250 inline, 3 speed, it was actually a sunburned copper color with the "shoulders" faded. (just above the rear tires) . I tell you I had some great moments in this car including the idiot that made an illegal u turn on the highway that ended up totaling the copper colored piece of future junk. I back off the accelerator, was in the high speed lane, and shit .... saw all these brake lights in front of me, all the sudden this Chrysler was crossing over my lane headed for the little area the cops usually hang out in with their radar guns. I didn't have a lot of time to make a decision, should I drop into the right lane to avoid him? I was on the brake yea, but who was coming up behind me? didn't have the time, I turned into the left shoulder, just caught the rear right corner of that Chysler and sent me spinning down the median in the turf. Took out the "no u turn" sign, ( sort of ironic) and came to a stop facing south (I was headed north) Busted my radiator, dented up the front end and a big gash in the roof where the sign came down (if it had been a t-top the sign would have split my head in 2 pieces) I had bought this car about a year prior, $900 , it totaled @ $700 and the guy at the junk yard who towed it said he would give me $400 for it as is (back in the days you didn't have to turn the title over to the insurance co) Made out good, like a bandit some would say, but I really missed that car for years, until I came across the champagne colored 2 door Honda Accord.

I think I went through about6 or so cars between my Camaro and my Accord. lets see, there was the Datsun 310(drove like a tin can), Cutlass Supereme only muscle car I ever owned, Mercury Capri,looked nice but had the worst motor ford ever made, the inline 200, Pontiac 6000 had a digital dash board, and my Ford Ranger which I traded without a tranny (was going to cost $2000 to fix) for my Champagne Honda :) (didn't like that it didn't have a stick shift)

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I have so many memories of these cars.

Most of them involve rolling papers and little green leaves and buds.