Wednesday, December 17


Well I'm off to work soon just wanted to fill you in as to my computer experiences. I am now back to Windows XP filling the empty spaces in my hard drive with music, pictures and what not. I do come away with a knowledge that there are other operating systems out there and just need to take some time to get used to and learn what each one does. I did enjoy my time looking around on the Linux program called Ubuntu. It is a very Windows like system, main difference was most of the features where not set up to an automatic phase. Needed to manually install updates. I did like the desktop, Windows requiers large images to use as wall paper, Ubuntu could use smaller images didn't need to be stretched. By default Ubuntu had a nice music player, was easy to view pictures and had a full office program compreble with Windows office and was free. Word, Exell and all the others (as you can tell I don't use these programs much) Came with a messenger that could be set to recieve and send to aim, windows, or yahoo and a few other messenger protocals. Well time is running I have to go to work and finish a few little things, will be back in a bit.

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