Friday, December 12

you should have told me

I wish someone would have reminded me how much I detest painting. Beyond that, every couple minutes Jarrod needed me to hold a board or hand him something (he was putting the top on the office. I am sure Leonardo did not have someone interrupting him every 3 minutes while he was painting the Mona Lisa or Micheal Angelo was not bothered while painting the Sistine Chapel. I can't complain allot though, I was just painting walls. Cool paint though, picked up at Home Depot; went on purple and dried white, you couldn't miss a spot. This turns out to be true in theory only, the paint went on as more of a Lavender and dried white. Wasn't a big difference in the paint between wet and dry; it was a good theory though.

All in all though its been a pretty good week. I have to tell ya though, I just don't like doing this construction thing. This would probably account for the reason I do lawn care rather than construction. It leaves one filthy at the end of the day, if the weather is bad... though, if its cold... thats what they make coats for, and so on. Guess I must have a pretty cushy job considering I do work outside. Rain leads to improper fertilizer spread, in the public eye rain will wash off the weed control. I can't walk on frosted lawns as this will produce a condition called foot printing. Stepping on frosted turf will break the blade and leave foot prints across the lawn.
So essentially I don't work in the cold, I do work in the heat, but thats ok with me.

Well I'll type a little more later, I am sorta beat and need to rest.

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