Friday, December 12

morning routine /w a pic for Puppydog Tails

Well here I sit, Ms Pirate has gone to work, her daughter has left for school and I am just here taking some time to share a little of my life. I am on the winter schedule, work starts at 8:30 and I live about 20 mins from the shop. We, being an old friend that works with me and myself are building an office in the shop, its more like a wooden box, but will keep the dust off the paper goods and give us a check in area when we come back to the shop at the end of the day. Is coming along quite nicely.

Hoping a certain blogger friend will be reading this post, as her cat is under the weather. This is Achilles, back in his more healthy days, about a year before he passed away of old age. Born to his mother Molly behind my water bed back some years ago. It just broke my heart as he layed on the floor, to go meet his maker, (sad everytime I think of the good and bad times we shared)
Achilles was a mutt, Molly was a long hair tabby (with a variety of blood mix) I believe his father was an almost pure siamese (blue eyes and all) . I was even offered $50 when he was a kitten, I said no, I am keeping this one. Actual name Achilles was suggested by a friend in reference to a Led Zeppelin song, I thought the name fit as I have studied Mythology and I have not come out of the Greek/Roman names to this day. Achilles sister was Athena, Athena had a litter and I kept one black cat out of that litter to be named Jupiter, there was Mercury, Neptune, now I have adopted a kitty and his name is Aries; oh I forgot, there was also a cat I had to give to my daughter, Neoptolomus (apartment we moved to would not allow pets). My computer name is to that cats credit and sort of the Matrix trilogy.

Now I am left in a bit of a quandry. I like my new operating system, Ubuntu Linux, but I am not able to use the burning rom on the machine unless I boot up in the Windows XP os. Seems to have something to do with the fact that Linux is installed in the windows program but will work as an independant operating system. I tried to reinstall Linux as a stand alone but ended up missing something in the install and booted up with Windows and Linux is still in the Windows program. Maybe I need to remove Linux and just start from scratch. I know enough that I will eventually get this together, any geeks out there that may want to send some advice my way feel free to do so.

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