Wednesday, January 14


Now when things do go wrong in space. A perfect lift off leaving the Earth headed to the Moon. 55 hours 55 mins into the mission Apollo 13 had some severe problems.

Having completed a 49 min broadcast with mission control; 9 minutes later
there was an explosion.

Losing oxygen into space and killing the electrical power in the command module.
"Houston we have a problem." You can't just get out and walk home.
"We are venting something out into the- into space."

drama?- this really happened.

This mission was aptly named a "successful failure".
Jim Lovell and crew did not get the opportunity to land on the moon
However, they did return to earth
I saw this happen too

This had to be a lovely sight for the voyagers of Apollo 13
odd this should happen with Apollo '13'
Shows not only the human will for survival but also the
human sense of care. All who witnessed this mission were involved in
the drama of the situation and did hope for a "happy ending".

This was made into a movie. Probably my favorite movie as "non-comedy" goes.
Quite accurate

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