Wednesday, January 14

14- not without problems

Well we had experience doing this before, doesn't make it any less dangerous though.
After several 'false' readings from the computer we did manage to land a 3rd mission
on the moon.

First problem came up with the docking of the lunar module to the command module.
Spending almost 2 hours (1h42m) the problem was over come and posed no problem
for the rest of the mission.
More problems (source) The Lunar Module had a few problems; hardware and software needed
to be repaired in order to make a successful landing on the Moon.
These were some brave men. As Apollo 13 showed, this is some dangerous work. There is very little room for error.

With an 'abort' signal caused by a faulty switch; Mitchell had to do some quick computer reprogramming to make the computer ignore that command. 80 key strokes later and not a lot of time left he did manage to fix this problem. During the power decent it was determined the patch in the software caused a failure in the landing instruments and Mitchell was forced to manually land the LM on the moon.

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