Sunday, January 11


Can you believe, the birds beat up on the cats. In a pitiful display the Panthers went down 33-13 against the Arizona Cardinals last night. Hold the phone a minute, Arizona Cardinals?? Stop me if I'm ranting here but Arizona needs to change the name of the team. Originally the St Louis Cardinals, and where did they get that name? The Cardinal is the the Missouri State bird. Yes Arizona bought the team but shouldn't there be a name change here? Would be like Maine buying the Dolphins and keeping the name. Which do you think fits:
  1. The Arizona Desert Dogs
  2. The Arizona Cactus Spears
  3. The Arizona Coyotes (remember what the Road Runner did to him every weekend)
  4. The Arizona Road Runners (may be some trade mark issues here)
  5. Leave the name The Cardinals (as lame as that is)
  6. Don't waste my time, I don't care

And why all the sudden are the NFL teams being named for states? Arizona, North Carolina, Tennessee, what happened to city names? but any how...
Coming down to the wire, and when the Eagles take the Giants this afternoon and win, we will have a bird brawl next week end.

The other side of the bracket looks hopeless. Ravens are on the way, just need to beat who ever comes up on them, and we will have a fight of birds in the Superbowl.

My prediction (and mind you I predicted the Panthers to win last night)
Eagles vs Ravens and the Eagles will take this one

Is this the year of the bird in the Chinese zodiac or something?

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