Monday, January 5

The End

Well hi again, no I'm not going to bore you with screen shots and tips again today. Just wanted to thank everyone for a great couple weeks of engrossing myself in my blog. Today is back to work day and I will be out most of the day. Arrange, sweep, and just general clean up is all that remains. I do have to detail one more truck. Biggest drag of this is I am going to be alone down at the shop. Yea I have a cell phone but, all my friends will be at work or busy. I will tend to my chores, and eventually, later this week start the filing of the new customer paper work (a-z, think I can handle that) This becomes the time the days drag and I am still beat at the end of the day. Well just another 2 months I'll be back in the truck treating and doing what I like to do, I'll be back reading your blogs and perhaps posting a few. Have a great day, see ya whenever!

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