Monday, January 12

got me googleing

1947-1952: In the rival All-American Football Conference, Baltimore is granted a franchise after the Miami Seahawks fold. The team would be named Colts in honor of Baltimore rich history with racing, and breeding of horses. The Colts would incur moderate success in the rival league before becoming one of 4 teams to join the NFL in 1950. However the team could not make money, and folded after just 1 season. Meanwhile the New York Yankees another former AAFC team that had joined the NFL in 1950 also was having problems, and was about to be sold to Baltimore inventors in 1951. However, the league bought the team instead and had them playing Dallas. The Texans were a miserable failure, and by the middle of the season were operating out of Hershey, PA, and playing all their games on the road. The league would fold at the end of the season. However, it would open the door for Baltimore to get a 2nd chance and to replace the Texans; Baltimore was granted a franchise that would pay homage to the former team by caring the name Colts.

and so it goes, a comment on my post about NFL team names sent me googleing. So half right, name was not a "name the team contest" but rather for the horse racing town they were in. And here I thought Seahawks were a Seattle thing. (I know a sentence should not start with and)

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From the Official COlts website

Jeff = Correct
Greg = Fail

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