Monday, January 12


I am beginning to think the computer I have been futzing with can no longer think. I bought this old a-square computer tower at a garage sale back in the winter of 04. Was loaded with windows 2000 but I decided it would maybe run XP. It was the slowest 'Frankenstein' type computers I ever messed around with. At one time a few years ago I used it as my 'server'. windows xp a few other programs and bulletproof ftp. I was a pretty cool little set up. Well that computer has been in storage for a while.

When I boot the computer up it checks all the ide drives, boots up to an error: Boot Failure, instert disk and press enter.

of course I put the disk in and hit enter, same mess.

I replaced the CMOS battery with one from another broke down tower. Gave me a little more choice on the boot up, I could actually get to the set up and the BIOS but still having the read out to be as if the computer has no exisisting brain functions.

Now the computer I talk of, we'll refer to as 'Frankie' has done this once before. I picked up a large bulky 22 inch monitor, again garage sale item. Cost me $3 so I was pretty happy with myself. Well about a year down the road, Frankie would come to the error Boot Failure, insert disk and press enter, so I did and windows would boot up. Frankies monitor was on the skitz bllinking and stuff and finally Frankie was working, or slhould we say not working un-monitored. Well I have a few extra 15 inch and pluged in and what do you know, that was the cause of my Boot Failure. Was fine for a few years.

This is why I have not given up on Frankie and tossed to the great iron folder...

I do suffer a condition that will not let me throw useable garbage away, and if its computer realted it IS useable. Well I'm done for now, I will keep you posted if any new comes of the situation.

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