Saturday, January 17

I had fun

I was just remembering back in the days I lived in Georgia, my dad was into this motorcycle thing called enduro. Every so often we would get in the car and drive forever to Road Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Pretty fun day for a 7-10 year old little boy. We would park in the center of the Speedway in the infield and watch the Cafe Racers. We would watch that for a race then we would walk (what seemed forever) We would watch a Motocross race, again pretty cool to a young boy. Fast and muddy. Then it was on to the next, the hill climb. These guys had to be nuts. Jump on a motorcycle and drive straight up a cliff. Of course the idea was to get as far up the hill as you could. The hill climb that stands out to me was when we were there after my dad had broke his leg in a race. Dad was out of the cast but had a noticeable limp to his gate. This guy on an orange colored motorcycle came barreling up the hill ... almost to the peak and the motorcycle just came up over and practically landed back down on the dude. Dad acting as quickly as his gimpy gate would allow worked down the hill to help the guy to his feet.

I remember 1 guy Dad was hangin with at that time.. Charlie McDaniels
don't know what ever happened to Charlie (Mr McDaniels to me) but I have a lot of memories growing up in Stone Mountain. God's country now that I look back on it.

In the 8 years I lived in Georgia summer vacation was either Camping in the mountains, North Georgia, Clearwater Fl or Long Island NY. I didn't need any more than that. We would go to the race my dad was in or to the race he was posting signs on, few weekends just at home those years.

Do you remember a time when your dad was the coolest guy in the world?

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