Saturday, January 17

just some thoughts

History has a way of finding people. Time and place. I don't think Neil Armstrong grew up thinking "I will some day be first to walk on the moon" nor did George Harrison grow up thinking "I will be a member of the most historical band in rock music" I don't think Mr O'bama grew up with the idea he would be the first Black man to be president. Time and place trumps all. I am happy for the man, (O'bama) and its not like he didn't do what he needed to do to achieve this.

It could have been Colin Powell, but anyhow, another blog got me on this train of thought. Barrack deserves the pomp and circumstance, not as the first but as the 44th. The fact that he is the first will step you back some years. Not so many years ago when it would be impossible for a black man to be voted into that office. Which is a bad mark on American History. Not that Americans are bad, just a different mind set of that time and age. If you think of historical man, and pre-historical man 100 years was not that long ago. There comes a time in the political evolution (this is still an experimental government) when you have to practice what you have written on paper (all men are created equal)

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Invinsible Black River... said...

I couldn't agree more with your thoughts and thanks for sharing it. I also agree with you on one thing - that those who grow up thinking they will be this or that never become this or that. It only happens to those who never give it the thought. I also think Obama should be seen as the 44th and not the 1st black president (if that means anything). And finally, Ill use this opportunity to draw your attention to 'occupied territory' which is an unreleased tune by my brother, where he speaks in pidgin English, and addresses the question of whether or not all men are created equal - its only on paper, you are quite correct!