Sunday, January 18


I was reading the shot on the left is the best and highest resolution
photo of Jupiter we have to this date.
This is a real good shot of Jupiter taken from Cassini en route to Saturn. A true color image, as the human eye would see it.

The shot to the right is Io orbiting Jupiter. One of the Galilean moons and is about the size of
our moon Luna. Galilian moons of Jupiter are Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. Io being the smallest of the four, makes them some of the bigger moons in the solar system.

(objects in camera may appear closer than they are)

More than the diameter of Jupiter is the distance between Io and Jupiter

I did "steal" these off another blog page, but hey, you put a pic on your computer, especially the web you can't say don't look, or copy, or distribute.

Having an interest in space and planets I did feel Saturn and her moons
were getting to much attention these past few and thought I would include
a few pictures of Jupiter.
Largest planet on the solar system

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