Monday, January 19

the task bar

customizing windows

This is an interesting little thing, though by default the task bar is at the bottom
of the screen, by unlocking (right click and remove check in lock tab) you can drag
the task bar to the right, left or even the top. My task bar is set to "auto hide" so
it doesn't get in the way when I work on the computer. Right click the task bar and
go to properties,

In this window, click the task bar tab,
and check the box titled auto-hide. When your cursor is not on
the task bar it will drop out of sight.
Bring the cursor to the task bar to show it again.
With the task bar on auto hide, you can increase the size
of the task bar. drag it up, or to the right in my case
by unlocking, set the cursor to the edge where it becomes 2 arrows,
click and drag it to the size you need. Helps is you run more than 7 programs
at a time. Well any how it does give you more area to work with.

I have worked my windows screen many ways, I find the icons across the desktop to be
a nuisance, I use my quick launch tool bar for programs, folders I just arrange and organize
so I know where I leave my files.

As for where you align your task bar; make windows a personal experience.

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