Saturday, January 10

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Now lets face it we all like music. Some like the hard "metal" rock, some like the 'easy listening' ; I am sure there is a music genre that puts you in a mood. Some have a broad horizon of "favorite" styles. My mood is often generated by the music, sometimes my mood will generate the music I listen to when there is a choice. Honest I am going somewhere with this...

I came across this internet radio station that is perfect for the music lover.
Your gonna love this

type in a band, artist or song title and this site will generate a "station" for you to listen to
will even 'ask' your opinion of the songs as it plays them. No more of that song that reminds you of an old relationship when you are checking into a specific genre ( you know the song I am talkin about)

I am listening to a station generated by the key word "James Taylor"; this is sorta cool in JT music is more than just easy listening, but also a folk feel to it, I get a random selection of The
Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Cat Stevens and other artist in that caliber of tunes.

Is also unique in the era of music that is also a random selection. Old and new if it is similar the song will come up. John Mayer is a rather recent artist.

I have said this website almost makes mp3 files a waste of space on the computer. Do notice I include the word 'almost' in that statement.
Well I didn't want to take up all your time but just thought you would like to know about this website.

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