Thursday, January 1

kick off tonight

Well duh on me. Seems to have slipped through my fingers and here we are on game day
and I have not even mentioned the University of Cincinnati Bearcats are in a Bowl game to be played on Fox Sports tonight a 8 pm.

This is the first season Cincinnati has been in this Conference of colleges including the larger state universities and come out as real champions (regardless of the outcome of tonight's game)

In the shadows to most here in Cincinnati to the NFL and our Beloved Bungles this Orange Bowl seems to have gone unnoticed or maybe that's just me. Hats off to The Bearcats. Didn't O'bama refer to them as the Bearcubs? or could that have been the Beercats? Bear in mind he has still only visited 57 states

I am much more upbeat about the performance of the Bearcats than I have been this season about our Beloved Bungles. So there still is a little sports excitement here in the Queen City.

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