Thursday, January 22

Kodak... I mean Verizon moment

Again, he's so cute and the camera on my cell phone sux
Again in a cute little pose perfect for a kodak moment (or a verizon moment) he woke
while I set the camera and the brightness and wouldn't stop moving long enough to get
a good picture of the menacing angel. Picture his head more laying on the little white
pillow, arms stretched upward and dozing in a deep cat nap.
As all feline house pets, the little devil likes to chase moving items,
feet under the blanket being one of his favorites. Snow flakes falling on the
balcony stand no chance with this guy on guard (even though the glass door separates him)

Though my apartment does have a auto closing front door, it does not always pull the door
to the latched and shut position, this little cat has found a way to get the door open and escape

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