Wednesday, January 7

looking for

Now this is absolutely crazy

call me crazy, horny or sexist or what have you, but in a search for a picture on my hard drive that I got off the web to begin(as I could not upload any pictures from my hd) with brought me to these pics. About 42 pages of google image search, then started the search again with slightly different key words took me to all these shots and I still have not found the one I was looking for.
mind you the name of the file is unchanged on my hard drive, (jelly white miro bikini)
The one I was looking for was a cute girl in a micro bikini, nothing overly revealing just a nice looking gal sitting in the sun in a white bikini
I went through tons of pics, some more revealing than some seen here for what I thought would be a very popular picture, especially among young men. Just goes to show, if you find it you might not find it again.
Well just to show I am not all that sexist, thought I would include this picture too
and after nearly 100 pages of images I never did find the one I was looking for.

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