Thursday, January 29

More Titan stuff

Titan is polluted and man has not been there yet.
Smog everywhere!

I think more than anything this totally freaked out the scientists. The Huygens probe during its landing was caught by Titans winds and tossed about not so much in the mission plan but did end up working for our benefit. A more panoramic view as she landed. Fortunately landing up right and in good condition gave us this shot of the Titan surface. I think it looks like the creek down the street shot through my cell phone.

I suppose you came to this blog to learn something about Titan; really I probably don't know anymore about this strange smog laden moon than the average person (of slightly curious nature) would know.
Closer to Mars-like than Earth-like but does have a surface that appears to have been manipulated by flowing liquid.

I truly am more fascinated by discoveries on Enceladus, this also is very intriguing.

Obviously a mission including astronauts the success of the mission is in getting the astronauts home safely. The success of a robot mission could be gauged in how many new questions it provides. This being the case I would call the Huygens probe a complete success.

Now we have to go back to answer some of those questions.

It really is a subject I find interesting because there are so many questions involved.

"hey mom, can I go out in the methane rain?"

TSSM Titan Saturn Science Mission. Well of course its a science mission.
Guessing this is on the NASA desk as a "potential' mission. Get it right...
if you send a mission that provides a ton of questions, don't you want to answer
those questions? "if liquid, what liquid?" and "where did the liquid go?"
There's 2 key questions.
-178°C (-289°F) surface temperature
Looking for more information on the Cassini/Huygens mission? here it is

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