Thursday, January 29

cold, it is

This tree is it in a nutshell. You will note the icing on the branches; this is why I will stay home tonight to drink hot chocolate. The kid here is sharing in my drink save for one difference. Mine has a bit of rum in it.

question: how to birds land on tree branches if said tree branch is covered with ice?

through my research I find that ice actually weighs less than water, as water has less density, ice does take up more space the actual water that is froze weighs 7.8 pounds per gallon and water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon. Ice sticks to the branches and therefore adds more weight than water which just runs off the tree.

Isn't the common home time for a kid "at dark?"

"that doesn't give me anytime to play with my friends" is absolute and total hogwash to me!
and please tell me grounded to room, no tv or video games is not harsh punishment.
when my mom sent me to my room it was not to play hot wheels, or gi joe, it was to sit on my bed and think about what I was being punished for. I think today's day and age taking the cell phone away for a couple hours is just punishment. Punishment is not meant to be fun and enjoying. It is there to make you think what you did was unacceptable and should not be repeated. I'm not strict, just consistent.

When I divorced and took over raising my daughter I broke that 'brat' phase and I had a some what un-brat (she wouldn't do chores, but I was at my end). Mom took custody at age 14 and all the good I did was swept away. I was consistent with "no' and I think that is the key. Kids are to obey, not pamper; that goes away with the first time your kid says 'no'. (pay mind to this, its important)

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