Thursday, January 1

The Great Space Failure

Now this is more like a "space ship" Why has NASA been 'satisfied' with a ship that can only
attain low Earth orbit when we have been to the moon, landed there and returned safely several times?

I just get disgusted thinking about the space program. Yes it is dangerous and costly but from my eyes, we are going backwards, not forward. Word is it will take till 2020 to get back to the moon when the first space walk was in 1965, four years later we landed on the moon and continued to land there till 1972. My thoughts, mind you I am not a rocket scientist but lets scrap this whole Ares I thing go back to the Saturn V and put some men and building materials back on the moon. From there, I think we have a shot at actually landing on Mars. We did successfully land an unmanned mission there. Am I confused ignorant or both?? Seems we would be going to Jupiter by now (see the top photo)

After all isn't this more what the goal should be?


Psyconym said...

Happy New Year to you too. I didn't drink Champagne, but some werid red stuff. Hope you had a good one!


Neo said...

Psy; I think you were drinking cold duck, a red sparkling wine