Thursday, January 1

computer 101

The thing that gets me is being asked for assistance on a desktop computer I say "go to the control panel" (see below) and the response is quite often, "I don't want to screw up my computer". In my opinion (as important as that is) if you are running a blog, using a computer or own a computer you need to know how to be the Administrator' of said computer.

Control Panel is where you do the administrative steps to keep your computer in working order. Add or Remove programs, name the computer, and see a wealth of information about your computer. It still seems to boggle my mind mind when asked "how big is the hard drive (local disc c) on your computer?" and they stare at you like a deer in the headlights. So many pc users are intimidated by the computer. Put into quite simple terms the computer is a filing system.
On the eve of new years eve I spent quite a few hours helping a person figure out some basic things about her computer. As it turned out, most of the hard drive had been used up. Mostly gaming sites that took huge chunks of the available space on the C drive.
Quite a simple task, remove the programs you have not used in a while. From the control panel click 'add remove programs'. This is the window you will see.

With the name of the program on the left move to the right and you will see numbers. This will be the size of the program. There is also a column telling how often the program has been used. Below the numbers there will be buttons, remove and change. Click the remove button and windows will systematically remove the program from the hard drive.

To see how much of the space on your computer is used, go to My Computer in the start menu, right click (the button on the mouse you don't use a lot) Local Disc (C:) ; in the context (the drop down window) click properties; a graph will appear showing used and unused space. The blue is the used space. This graph will also tell the total
space avaibable on the hard drive.

I know most of you know this information already, I just felt a duty to the unknowing to post this educational post.

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