Tuesday, January 20

study hall

Oh yea, tomorrow bound to be one boring day.

Cincinnati to Dayton, conference starts at 9:00am. I'm sure to see old employers, old work mates and a ton of lawn care pros at the Pesticide Eduction Program. I will attend so I gain the 5 pts I need on my catagory 8 pesticide license in Ohio the 5 points will apply to my Kentucky license also.

Hours of talking about the same old stuff, square footage, proper rates, pre-emergence, post-emergence, growth control, nitrogen, all the stuff we cover every time I attend one of these silly conferences. It won't all be a waste though, will get me thinking and reminding
me of those little things you know and take for granted and need reminded of every once in a while. Just a day to brush up on the book smarts part of my occupation.

I have seen guys sleep like a rock through the entire day.

On the old subjects I do find myself dozzzzzzzzz ing off, but they do always bring in the new products tell you all the whats and whatnots of that product; it does tend to be an educational experience.

I'll bet the pesticide guy from the Ohio Dept of Ag won't mention how important keeping the spreader blade clean is.

wash my hands before I smoke? well yea, guess that makes sense but man I got some work to do I can't be washing my hands all day.

You just find ways that keep the chemicals away from food and smokes. The 5 second rule does not apply in the truck.

oh yea brush up on the insecticide and the bugs we want to kill
Some of the products at the bottom of the link page are no
longer available. Uncle Sam is looking out for my health.

well I didn't mean to bore you too much, just thought I would
let you know what a wonderful day I am going to have tomorrow.

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