Monday, January 19

The Spoof

Pilot Chesley Sullenberger will head the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). President-elect Barack Obama announced the appointment Friday morning.

"Sullenberger has demonstrated a unique understanding of aviation safety," said Obama. The pilot who pulled off the greatest crash-landing in history actually has a strong resume for the job. He flew in the Air Force, has been a flight instructor, and investigated accidents for the Pilots Association. He also has his own consulting business for airline safety.

Remarkably, it appears that Chesley Sullenberger was already being considered for a deputy position at the FAA, but was elevated to Chairman in light of his heroic achievement.

"Heck," said Obama, "if he can save a crash like that, I might just make him Secretary of the Treasury." Sullenberger could not be reached for comment as he was home with his family.

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