Sunday, January 25

Tech Talk

tech talk.
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol
The most common known ftp is an email program. Though you have a cap on how much data can be sent email is a way to share files from one computer to another. (file share protocol)

There are more complex examples which will take a little knowledge of computers and software to create a server. (bulletproof, cute, filezilla to name a few) You also need your 'clients' to use an ftp client program. (smartftp, flashftp) Of these 2 client programs I had most success with smart.

I also incorporated another program into the mix called no-ip. While in connection with my computer you would know my ip (internet protocol); you did not need to use the IP as the address of the computer, email is much the same. Instead of the ip- for example, you create the name (address) of the computer. While the address is a group of numbers my email is to the name I designated (me@) or such. With the no-ip program I designated to be the address of my ftp. Using a program such as Smartftp a person could access my ftp files (a group of shared files) and copy them to thier computer. In a sense, a blog is an ftp. So the next time you are at a dinner party and the subject comes up, you can say Yea! I have an ftp.

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