Sunday, January 4

usb brilliant!

Our friend Flash Drive(thumb drive)
With technology reaching to develop a convenient small removable storage we have come to the
flash drive. I started picking these little gizzmos up in the 1gig size, really they are handy, if you have a file you would like to save for a bit in a small container here's your buddy. store pics, text or music files, create folders, ease the room taken on the hard drive. Available in a wide array of storage space, I have seen them hold 4 gigs. Smaller than a compact disc, cost is a little higher, but can be emptied with ease, reloaded and just requires a usb port to use. Bad point, if you are not a very organized person they are easy to lose. I think I save about 3 more 1 gig units floating around somewhere, currently I have 2 units 1 gig each, and 2 units, 2gigs each. Another problem, they are not so easy to label. So long term storage of files on more than one flash will become a bit difficult.
You can even find them with your favorite cartoon character on them :)

Very handy for swapping, moving and transporting files, brilliant idea.

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