Monday, January 19

waking with out

As I have camped in for the cold weather, I did however forget one
of the necessities of life
I have now been reduced to drinking "instant" coffee
Not really coffee at all, rather a collection of chemicals
that taste some what like coffee. I normally drink my coffee
plain, no sugar and no cream, you know, black and bitter;
instant coffee requires a bit of dress up,
to make it "worth" drinking
Mankind has yet to find a way to reproduce the real thing.

Knew a guy years ago, would put empty egg shells in the filter
when brewing his coffee... he claimed it took the "acid" out of the
coffee, it actually gave the coffee a 'flavor' of instant coffee
perhaps he was right and that is what instant coffee is missing.

Used, dried coffee grounds scattered around an Azealia will promote
growth as the azealia grows well in acidic soils, like found on Mars
just for safety sake, don't brew with egg shells in the filter.

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