Monday, January 19

old hobbies

Tribbles, your last post got me thinking about this.

When I was younger I would build models of military
vehicles. Using a custom paint mix and a technique
known as dry-brushing I could make a tank look like
it had been in the field without a washing for weeks. A
mix of brown, red (rust) and grey would mix to a mud color.
Using my x-acto knife set, some heat and a paint brush
handle I could make dents, scrapes and folds in the vehicle
I could even change the stance of the small soldier figures
included with the model. I would end up with a collection of
arms, legs and heads, I was never short of parts.
This was to build a Diorama (which I never did, must
have been too lazy)

It seemed more artistic than just taking the tank model in the
back yard and blowing it up with a firecracker.


toomanytribbles said...

do you still have them?

the human said...

When I was a kid I used a heated pin to poke holes in a model of a Japanese Zero fighter around the engine area (bullet holes), brushed on some flat black paint (smoke) then sunk it in an aquarium.