Saturday, January 31

what a girl

Great news, MsPirate bought herself a laptop, for once she has a brand spankin new computer. Last year at tax time she got a refurbished one and well things didn't work out so well. All six of the USB ports stopped working. I looked searched even formatted and no change, well anyhow she was tired of that clunky desktop anyhow. so MsP is real happy for herself and so am I.

But anyhow, I don't think I posted the one about my computer prob... but it did happen, had a sort of melt down on my Dell and well MsP got me a new tower. I appreciate this so much. Still messing with the way the desktop looks and behaves, but I have never had a person be so nice to me.

Another Dell (I got good use out of my old Dell) great think is its compatible to run Vista, but has xp with a disk to upgrade to Vista.

Well with persistence I did get the network started, my old dell and new dell can talk to each other, I will get back to this in the morning, and then the superbowl, I am pumped (well not really but as long as Pittsburgh loses all will be good.

MsP is layin in bed and needs some company. be back in the morning.

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