Sunday, February 1

Network is Up

Sitting in front of my new computer and still posting with my old one.
Doesn't take much to amuse me, give me a computer that needs 'customizing' and I can and can engross myself for hours on tweaking this that and the next. Down loading stuff and renaming files and folders and all kinds of colors grey pages and blue menus I tell ya I am crazy.
Crazy happy with a new computer and this old one is just old now, had some issues some days ago I think it overheated from the dust blocking the fan. Got that issue taken care of now, little canned air does wonders. S0me once told me you can get the same job done with a 2 cycle blower like I use at work the clean up driveways and stuff. You need to stick a pencil in the fan to keep it from spining.
Well I will be around goofing and such Later.

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