Wednesday, January 7


What a marvelous thing this stuff called snow. I hate it, its cold, its wet (which could be good but its also cold) it makes your car slide, this to would be a fun thing, but you end up paying for the damage. Used to be so long ago, (30 or so years ago) it was sorta neat, day off school and fun to play in. Originally from Teaneck New Jersey, I moved to Stone Mountain Georgia at about age 5; don't remember allot about Jersey. A few critical moment memories, a car crash, sis had to get stitches, and me bouncing off the sliding glass door till I ran right through it, but otherwise its a blank. New Jersey did have lots of snow, or so I am told; so much my little bro wasn't allowed out since the snow was over his head.

Most of my memories of my early youth were in the time I lived in Stone Mountain.
Best of all, NO SNOW!! Never one day in the 8 years of my youth in Georgia did I see even one flake of snow. There were yearly ice storms but that is another post all together. I moved to Cincinnati in the Winter of 76. That was the first in a string of years, 76-79* winters were pretty snow laden. Needles to say it was a welcome sight, being I was still young and full of fun.

What ended up happening is after the fun is gone, you have bills, a job and other such responsibilities as a young adult; you just lose the fancy to have snow covered streets and miles of sledding, snow balling and snowman making. Then you might go through a phase of your slightly older but still young days (in your 30's) you hang with friends, including significant other and you have some fun again. Sledding, building snowmen and general goofing of in the snow. It doesn't last real long though, schedules, time alone, and other such call you off and its back to real life again. You have to make all the changes in the winter, pull out the "winter clothes" coats, every day and you just get tired of it being so darn cold. Yea its still nice to see a hillside of virgin snow, no prints or disruptions, I guess I am just longing for the spring time again.

Years are recounted in my feeble memory, not sure exactly accurate

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