Wednesday, January 7

Pirate's dillema

Restarted Firefox and still get an error on any picture I upload on blogger from my files. First thought is restart the system, but not thinking that would help I have started a virus scan, free and online at this source , so the scan is running, I click the results tab to see what it has found. CRYPT_FEAV-9 is the file it found. Trendmicro tells me there is no other information available on this Malware. I did a short google on the file and sure enough nothing was found. Now one question does cross my mind. Am I left with a false sense of security using a free anti-virus like AVG? I do allot of "on the edge" searches; pushing the limits so to speak as the average personal computer owner goes. Yes I have dabbled in the not so respected "pirate program" field. In doing so I put myself at risk, and more than once have payed for it in needing to 'format' or reinstall windows. Starting over, all data lost.
This may seem like a simple task, but requires going back over all the basics in windows. Re-establish my internet connection, color and font setting in appearance, re-connecting my net work, the whole 9 yards. So I am considering actually paying for something I think I should get for free. Oh my f-in- god, did you hear that? The one with Pirate in his name is going to pay for something.
Well, the scan has finished, found one other, seemingly related Malware, TROJ_EAV.EAV, had the scan automatically clean the infections and am not waiting to restart my system and see if this may have been the trouble with blogger uploading images from my hard drive. Give me about 5 minutes, I will be back.

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