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I was just surfing (well that's what they say) and came across a site
that pretty well blew my mind. Redirected my next post.

The 3 above reminded me of a dude I used to hang with at boarding school. Yea, I went to boarding school. Now there are essentially 2 groups of people that go to boarding school, #1 is the student that excels in academics and is looking to get into the best of the best universities. #2 is the kid that was too much to deal with at home and things minus said student would flow much better with out said student being at home.

Pirate, being of catagory 2 finds a firend in boarding school.Large image I know, but wait, this does has meaning.
Charlie was a big Greatful Dead fan, bigger than big, bigger than huge, in fact I think this guy was the reason the Greatful Dead were so popular.

Charlie Bass, was at Boarding School for much the reason I was but was, like I, very intellegent. Charlie had a rack of records and a box of cassettes, (few years before cds were even an idea) including a ton of Jimi Hendrix, evern more Greatful Dead and one, I did say one, record of Bob Marley and the Whalers. Again, stop me if I am being too critical; doesn't rock music have more than 3 bands to its credit?

Being serious now, ( Pirate being serious, are you freakin kidding me?) Charlie was a great friend. I remember back in the day, we had to do an "extracurricular" activity, I never even consulted with Charlie and we both ended up bowling after school. Take a *smoke break about 4:00. But the thing I remember most about Charlie was the limited selection on his record/tape collection.

As a teen I started a collection of records and bootleg tapes spanning many bands, of course there were my favortites. You would find more Pink Floyd in my collection than anything. Rush came in a close second. (mind you the last most recent release from Rush then was Hemispheres)

Strewn through my collection was Heart, Rolling Stones, Credence Clearwater, Jimi Hendrix, and a host of other artists. Now not claiming to be the most "open minded" as music went, Disco was out as was country music, I saw myself as somewhat diversified in music selection.
Charlie on the other hand, doesn't that just seem strange to just collect in such narrow terms.

Kind of a sorted youth I had. I only spent Dec- June at the Wilbraham & Monson Academy. As I left that school, being asked not to return, I left behind a chapter in my life to never contact a single person from that experience. There were a handful of friends I made at the boarding school, Tad ( there to play lacross, he was real good) Charlie, and a bunch of others, after all these years I don't remember names. I am just recallling and thinking of the different times in my life wehn I made mistakes. One the serious mistakes I have a tendency to do is not stay in touch with the people I meet.

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