Saturday, February 21

Images....... psych

Ok, I''m just sitting here, blogging, listening to some Allman Brothers and in a relatively good mood. But (oh god, here he goes again)... I am surfing the net, I get alot of stuff off my Gmail account which is set up with 'News Alerts". I have a few alerts set to NASA; I have NASA Cassini Mission, NASA Mercury just to name 2. Will collect and show headers like a google search on articles and blogs under those key words. So if you title your blog with the word 'image' or 'images' you best have some pictures. I just picked an article titled "Best Images"; so I am thinking this is going to have some pictures that I haven't seen yet. NOT.... this article had one, yea I said one, thumbnail size pic of the Earth rise shot from the Apollo 8 mission. Now I have seen this picture a million times, I have the picture saved in a wall paper size copy. Yes it is a wonderful picture, if you are into space like me, pictures tell the story. Then said article I am talking about has several tags, apollo, mercury, Photos, Photography.... and only one picture in thumbnail size. Thats just weak. (no links either)

Don't get me wrong, I like reading, and reading articles on space stuff is interesting, when well written are very informative. Now if you include one picture and several paragraphs of text like this blog does, I'm not gonna complain, in fact I do follow that blog and many times I have come to an article with no pictures, I will still read it. Is very informative, and when there is a picture its a newer shot from the Cassini mission (now called Equinox)

enough said.


Psyconym said...

I think you are right about father's, I hadn't thought of it that way. I guess I'v enot been a parent.

Thanks for your comment!!


Neo said...

I never knew this till I became a dad